Vinyl Padded Table Tops

Standard Padded Tops

ABCrosby manufactures 1-1/4” thick, white vinyl padded table tops for your restaurant, bar or lounge.  Our padded tops are available in both standard and custom sizes including expandable tops.  We manufacture our padded tops with high quality padded vinyl covering a particle board top.  The particle board is sealed top and bottom with backer paper to ensure the long term stability of the top.

Standard top sizes are:

24 x 24           36x36   

24 x 30           36x42   

24 x 36           36x48

24 x 42           36x60

24 x 48           36x72

24 x 60           36x96

24 x 72           42x42

30 x 30          48x48

30 x 36       

30 x 42                        Expandable Table Tops

30 x 48      30 Square Expandable to 42 Round

30 x 60      34 Square Expandable to 48 Round

30 x 72      36 Square Expandable to 51 Round

30 x 96      42 Square Expandable to 60 Round

Our vinyl padded table tops are especially made for heavy commercial use and are easy to clean and maintain. 

Booth tops with radius corners are an option on most of our edge styles. Request a quote. 

Note: Due to width of the vinyl padding, the maximum width for padded tops is 48” 

We can also provide different material and colors for our padded tops.  Please request a quote for your custom padded tops.

White Padded Vinyl Table Tops.

White Padded Vinyl Table Tops.

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