Custom Ash Conference Table with wire hole, Cherry Stain, Boat Shaped Table

Solid Wood Table Tops

Wood Tops Made To Your Specifications

ABCrosby manufactures solid wood plank tops in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wood species.   Our standard solid wood tables are made of White Ash, but we also build tops using Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, and other species.  

We use Preferred Select lumber for our solid wood products and we never incorporate finger joints in our tops to give you the highest quality hardwood table tops possible.

Our standard wood table tops are 1¼” thick and we offer 1¾” thick tops as well.  Our solid wood table tops are cleated for dimensional stability.  Standard solid wood tops are stained with one of our standard stains and finished with two coats of conversion varnish. 

Looking for a non-standard color? We are experts at matching your desired color.

ABCrosby also builds custom solid wood table tops, including butcher block and rustic table tops, to meet your requirements. Booth tops with radius corners are also an option on most of our edge styles. 

Talk to us about your custom table top requirements.

Standard Table Top Sizes

24 x 24      36 x 36 

24 x 30      36 x 42     

24 x 36      36 x 48     

24 x 42      36 x 60     

24 x 48      36 x 73     

24 x 60      36 x 96

24 x 72      42 x 42 

30 x 30      48 x 48

30 x 36       

30 x 42      

30 x 48             

30 x 60     

30 x 72     

30 x 96     

  Expandable Table Tops

30 Square Expandable to 42 Round

34 Square Expandable to 48 Round

36 Square Expandable to 51 Round

42 Square Expandable to 60 Round

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Standard Wood Species

Our Standard Wood


Our standard wood species is White Ash, which is a beautiful hard wood and our most cost effective species.

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Our Optional Wood Species

Cherry, Maple, White Oak, Red Oak

We also manufacturer table tops using Cherry, Hard Maple, White Oak and Red Oak.


Custom Butcher Block Table Top made from Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Finished Clear, Conversion Varnish

You are looking for a different wood species?  Contact us to discuss the wood tops you want.  

We build to your design!

Standard Wood Edge Styles

Our Standard Edge Style

Solid Wood Table Top Eaased Edge

Our standard solid wood table top edge style is an eased edge.  The edges and corners are sanded to a slight round. 

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Optional Profile Edges

Solid Wood Table Top Profile Edges

We offer the above profile edges to our customers.  Please contact us for a quote if you would like one of these edge styles.

Custom Edge Styles

Cherry Table Ogee Edge

Are you looking for a different edge style. We will work with you to find your edge style. Contact us.

We are your custom table top manufacturer!

M.L. Campbell Stains, Wood Stains,

Standard Wood Stain Colors

Wood Stains from M. L. Campbell

The stains above are the standard stains available to our customers. 

We use M. L. Campbell finishing products for our solid wood and wood veneer products.  Our products are stained with one of our standard stains and finished with two coats of conversion varnish.  

The standard M. L. Campbell stains we use are formulated to develop and highlight color and grain detail on fine furniture, cabinets, wood paneling and trim.  The stains are fast drying alkyd resin based stains that are GREENGUARD certified and designed for spray or brush application and are developed to have excellent wiping properties. These stains can be re-coated with lacquers after 30-45 minutes dry. The wiping ability is designed to provide medium open time and faster re-coating with clear lacquer. The pigments used in these products are resistant to fading and will not bleed. 

Custom Colors

None of these colors meet your needs?  We specialize in matching the colors you want.  Whether you want to match a laminate, chair or wood trim or some other color, we will match the color as closely as possible. 

We also have the capability to paint the tops.

Call us to discuss your custom stain color.   There may be an additional charge for custom colors. 

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