Work Bench Tops & Shelves

Standard & Custom Work Bench Tops

ABCrosby manufactures heavy duty industrial workbenches tops and shelves in custom configurations tailored specifically for your application and workspace. Available in sizes up to 144” in length and 60” in width, their solid, durable construction allows them to serve as supportive cores for clean rooms as well as other interior structures.  Our workbench tops and shelves are usually made with WilsonArt Dove Grey and Frosty White.

These workbench tops and shelves are also available with electro-static dissipative and chemical resistant laminates.   

Our extensive production facility allows us to manufacture industrial workbench tops from a wide range of materials, including static dissipative and chemical resistant laminates over particleboard, wood, and a variety of other durable substrates. In addition to various edge treatments, we can add customized grounding terminals, shelves, cutouts, and back splashes. Ideal for assembly activities, their high impact resistance and durability allows them to withstand the toughest industrial conditions. 

We have the capacity to fulfill both high volume and low volume orders with speed and agility and offer competitive pricing with expedited delivery for time-sensitive applications. Our custom workbenches can be found in electrical workshops, medical and biomedical manufacturing facilities, automotive plants, and in many other industrial settings around the country.  More information about our custom industrial workbench manufacturing capabilities is presented in the table below. 

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Silver Laminate Work Top with Silver T-Mold Edges

Silver Laminate Work Top with Silver T-Mold Edges