Custom Rustic Laminate Table Top with Wood Inset Edge, Custom Stain Fimish

Laminate Table Tops

Standard Laminate Tops

ABCrosby & Company specializes in manufacturing high pressure laminate table tops - self edged or edged with wood or t-mold.  Our table and counter tops are the highest quality and durable tops on the market. 

We offer laminates in hundreds of colors and patterns.  Our standard laminates are standard priced Formica, Nevamar and WilsonArt laminates but we can work with any manufacturer’s high-pressure laminates.

Our standard laminate tops are 1¼” thickness. Our tops can be manufactured as self-edged or edged with t-mold or solid wood.  Our standard wood edges are made with Ash and other wood species are available with a custom quote. The wood edges stained to your specifications and finished with a highly durable conversion varnish.

Looking for something different?  Talk to us.  Custom sizes, shapes, laminates, edge styles, wood species and stains are available with a quote.

Standard Table Top Sizes

24 x 24      36 x 36 

24 x 30      36 x 42     

24 x 36      36 x 48     

24 x 42      36 x 60     

24 x 48      36 x 73     

24 x 60      36 x 96

24 x 72      42 x 42 

30 x 30      48 x 48

30 x 36       

30 x 42      

30 x 48             

30 x 60     

30 x 72     

30 x 96     

Expandable Table Tops

30 Square Expandable to 42 Round

34 Square Expandable to 48 Round

36 Square Expandable to 51 Round

42 Square Expandable to 60 Round

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Laminate Colors Options

Standard Laminates

ABCrosby can work with any high-pressure laminate.  Our standard table top prices are based on the cost of the standard-priced Formica, Nevamar or WilsonArt laminates.  Standard priced laminates include the following finishes.

  Formica      Standard Finishes: 58 (Matte), 43 (Artisan), SP (Sculpted), MC (Microdot)

  WilsonArt   Standard Finishes: 60 (Matte); 38 (Fine Velvet Texture)

We also work with other laminates including premium priced laminates from Formica, Nevamar and WilsonArt.  

Contact us for a custom quote if you wish to use non-standard laminates.

Some of these non-standard laminates include:

   Formica                   All Other Finishes  

   Nevamar               All Finishes  

   WilsonArt             All Other Finishes  

and other laminates including:                                                                                           

  Arborite                                  All Finishes  

  Arpa Industriale                        All Finishes  

  Decotone              All Finishes  

  Lab Design          All Finishes

  LaminArt                               All Finishes

  Merino                   All Finishes 

  Pionite                                      All Finishes

Your laminate manufacturer not listed?   Contact us to quote your laminate color

Unlimited Choice of Laminates - You choose the laminate color you want from any manufacturer.

Unlimited Choice of Laminates - You choose the laminate color you want from any manufacturer.

Laminate Self-Edge, T-Mold, Wood Edge Styles

Laminate Table Top Edge Styles

Standard and Special Edge Styles

Laminate table tops can be manufactured in one of our standard or special edge styles listed below or your custom edge style.  Our A edges can be laminate self edge or PVC edging.  Our standard T-Mold colors are Black, Brown or White.  Looking for a different color?  Contact us for a custom T-Mold top quote.

Our standard wood edges are made from Ash; other species are available by quotation. 

Contact us to discuss your custom laminate table top edge style

Standard Stain Colors for Wood Edges

The wood edges on our laminate table tops can be stained with any of our standard stain colors or to match your custom color.  Click on the button below for more information on our stain colors. 

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