Table Tops Built to Your Specifications

Solid Wood Table Tops

Wood Table Tops, Restaurant Wood Tops, Ash Tops, Maple Tops, Custom Stain

You love the look, the elegance and the pattern of wood tables. Laminate is nice but you want the real thing.  You want solid wood table tops.

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Veneer Table Tops

Veneer Table Tops with wood edges, Custom Stain

You love wood tables.  You want that real wood look, feel and finish but not the solid wood price.  You want veneer table tops.

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Laminate Table Tops

Laminate Table Tops with Self-edge, T-mold edge, wood edge, Custom sizes and shapes

You are looking for unique – wood, stone or a color or pattern with a self-edge or wood or t-mold edge. Cost-effective, easily maintained. You want laminate.  

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Thermofoil Table Tops

Thermofoil Table Tops, Healthcare Tables,  Custom sizes and colors

You are looking for tops with drip edges or a shaped edge.  Or perhaps you are looking for tops which are safe for the healthcare environment.  Thermofoil tops may be the answer.

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Padded Vinyl TableTops

Vinyl Wrapped Table Tops, White Vinyl, Custom sizes

You want a durable, easy to clean, cost effective top, which will also help create a  fine dining experience for your customers.  You want vinyl padded tops.  

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Solid Surface Table Tops

Solid Surface, Corian, Table Tops, Custom sizes

You want a durable, easy to clean, stain resistant top with the look and feel of stone or quartz without the price tag.  Solid surface tops may be your solution.

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Speciality Materials Table Tops

Specialty Material tops, Linolium, Bamboo, OSB, Copper sheet, stainless steel sheet.  Custom sizes

All of the other tops are fine, but.... You have a vision for your facility.  You want a one-of-a-kind top.  Copper or Steet metal, OSB, Linoleum, white board, something else?  You want a table top made from specialty materials.

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Expandable Table Tops

Expandable Table Tops, Square to Round, Round to Rectangular.  Flip Tops,

You know the type of top you want and need to decide on sizes. Square top?  Rectangular or round top? Smaller top? Larger Top? Sometimes you need one, sometimes the other. You need a top that is both.  You want expandable tops.  

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